Some tips for writing term paper proposal

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Before starting to write a term paper proposal in some universities, it is necessary to prepare a proposal for the study, which will be the basis of future coursework. The research proposal is defended at least 4 months before the thesis is defended and is the second mandatory stage of work on it after coordination and approval of the thesis topic.

Proposals for term paper students necessarily reflect two blocks of dissertation preparation:

the theoretical and methodological part of the thesis;

the research part of the dissertation.

In the theoretical and methodological part describes the relevance of the topic of the term paper, identifies the problem area, object, and subject of research, as well as the purpose and objectives of the work associated with the hypothesis (hypotheses) of the study. The first part also includes an analysis of the main sources of literature – a review of the key sources in this area, as well as a proposal for working with primary sources, including periodicals, research data, etc. Based on the plan and concept of the term paper, a brief description of the future work, its structure is given. In case, you can always search for a good term paper template for make sure you are doing well.

The research proposal is approved by the student’s supervisor, agreed with the head of the master’s program and defended before the supervisor.

The term proposal for undergraduate students has the following structure:

Theme. Formulated as will be approved by the Academic Council of the Institute. The topic has been agreed with the supervisor and approved by the supervisor of the program.

The topic is NOT formulated as a question. The topic can NOT be descriptive, and the work can be a review (for example, “New trends in …”), it should show the research character of the work. The topic may NOT contain TWO studies (for example, “Study of indicator 1 in large Russian companies and dynamics of growth of indicator 2 in the economy of the Yaroslavl region”). The topic should NOT describe the specific problem of a particular organization if its solution cannot be applied to such organizations.

Conceptual study design based on an analytical literature review. The conceptual scheme of the theoretical basis of the study in graphical form: the considered theories and concepts (with the indication of the authors), the relationship between them (the scheme can be made in the annex to the RP). You can find in Internet a good term paper proposal template, and take a look at what have to be done well. The conclusion from the results of the analytical review of the literature: the degree of knowledge of the research problem, which theoretical concepts will be the basis of the research being conducted. (1.5-2 pages)